OPT7 60W Arc-Beam Headlights Review

OPT7 60W Arc-Beam Headlights Review

Still looking for a decent pair of headlights besides the ones we’ve already shown you? No worries. The OPT7 60W Arc-Beam headlights are another great option if you’re looking to upgrade from your current set of lights.

These lights have an output of 6000K white light and claim to have ZERO dark spots amidst said light when driving, and can allegedly run for over 50,000 hours. Let’s see how these stack up with the other options.


OPT7 60W Arc-Beam Headlights features some pretty nifty features that you won’t find on other similar bulbs, and they’re certainly worth noting.

Some of the best features of the OPT7 bulbs include: easy installation, MHC heat control with Redline driver and TurboCool fan, 6000K white light @ 7,000Lm, and a free 2-year warranty with lifetime support from real California-based industry techs.

Additionally, like most headlights, the OPT7 kit can be installed in roughly 20 minutes right out of the box, and all bulbs are CanBUS-ready and will work with any vehicle CPU.

This unit is also simple to install in less than 15 minutes. All its main components including the waterproof, rainproof and shockproof actuator, along with the shell will work well even in extreme weather conditions.

The use of special thermoelectric separation technology, the high-quality radiator, and the cooler wool provide 30% better functionality, and it’s also compatible with the conventional computer systems.


A common plus among most consumers is the beam quality and angle-of-beam quality. The white light illuminates everything you’d need to see on the road in just about any driving condition, and the angle (while not listed) seems to be at just the right angle to where both beams are focused on directly what’s in front of the driver in the critical area of vision.

These bulbs also utilize an auto-on function, which essentially means that if your car has the ability to immediately turn its lights on when it starts, these lightbulbs will turn on as well.

There’s also zero delay when you switch between the light modes, which is perfect for people who are easily irritated by laggy electronic components. Many also argue that the bright white LED is also better than other lights because they reflect much better off street signs and whatnot.

Another common advantage of these lights, like many other lights, is the fact that they’re easy to install. Some users reported that, especially on Lexus models, the lights were a hassle to install. Thus, buyer beware!


Like most headlight kits, a lot of users complained about the brightness of the OP7 headlights. Some thought that they were either too bright or too dim, but this depends 100% on the consumer. Based on what I’ve seen, these lights are perfectly bright for any weather or driving condition.

Other consumers have complained that these lights are a pain to set up, and it should be noted that the manufacturers themselves even say that it will take roughly 20 minutes to set these up, and this is actually a very high number compared to other lights.

At the same time, though, it’s probably a good thing that the makers are honest about set-up time, even if it takes a while. Just be extremely careful when installing the OPT7 and make sure to follow your manual tit-for-tat.


To summarize, the OPT7 60W Arc-Beam Headlights is a pretty standard set of lights for those seeking an upgrade. There’s certainly nothing revolutionary about these, and I would even venture to say it might not be worth the roughly $100 price tag, especially when there are many other options available.

That being said, if you can afford them, they surely won’t disappoint. Just make sure to carefully follow the instruction manual when setting them up.

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